Flexibility, scalability, simplicity and performance with market-leading economics Structured & transactional Databases & virtual machines Business-critical workloads Flexible, scalable, efficient all-flash storage Best overall value High performance SAN Features:
• Scale-up/out
• NVMe
• AppsON
• CloudIQ support Benefits:
• Primary Use: Enterprise NAS, Transactional (SQL, Exchange, SAP, Oracle) and virtualised workloads
• Protocols: FC, iSCSI, Vvol, NFS, SMB
• Converged Block and File: FC, iSCSI, Vvols, NFS, SMB on same platform, Native replication of file systems. Multiple NAS server and file systems supported.
• Small Footprint Performance: Transactional workloads, Higher IOPS / RU, Better $ / IO, lower latency, small file performance • Latest NVMe & SCM media
• Scale-up & out to 11.36 PBe
• All-flash 4:1 guarantee (Deduplication and Data Compression) • Unified block and file workloads
• Scale-up and scale-out
• Online upgrade, no migrations
• Synchronous replication
VMware integration

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