Content Management Systems designed for any industry.

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Content Management Systems designed for any industry.

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Our Enterprise Content Management Systems solutions have been implemented throughout multiple industries. How can we help you?



Manage legal content and optimize processes to reduce cost and risk.

Immense data volumes and rising regulatory complexity impact the ability of attorneys to make rapid decisions. Coupled with growing competition and client demands, it has become critical for legal professionals to increase productivity, reduce spending and improve service. Legal solutions help optimize content management and leverage analytics to enhance data insights, case strategies and client services.



Connect IoT smart factories to their supply chains.

Mounting regulations, pressures to improve customer retention and increasing calls for innovation are driving unprecedented digital transformation in the Automotive industry. Automotive solutions offer ways to capture and utilize information and data at an unprecedented volume and velocity to create connected, smart manufacturing and digital supply chains.



Enhance customer engagements, gain actionable insights and maintain security and compliance.

Pressure is increasing for retail banks, credit unions, wealth and asset management firms, fintechs and corporate treasury divisions to address evolving regulations and security threats and optimize and expedite payment processes. To meet these expectations, Banking organizations require solutions that improve customer service operations to ensure compliance, enhance information exchanges and mitigate risk.



Optimize data use to improve patient engagement and outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are under pressure from patients and regulators to accelerate digital transformation, improve patient experiences and secure data without sacrificing care quality. Solutions that automate processes, integrate systems and manage information enable them to bring efficiency to clinical and non-clinical operations, drive personalized engagement and improve patient outcomes.


Life Sciences

Bring therapies to market with efficiency and compliance.

Life Sciences information is often disconnected and stored separately from the processes and transactions it was created to support. This siloed information hinders insights, hurting innovation and efficiency. To accelerate life-saving therapies development, companies need to harmonize and integrate systems and applications to unlock their information’s full potential.


Public Sector

Put content at the core of employee and citizen interactions to improve engagement and operations.

Public Sector organizations are under pressure to deliver seamless citizen experiences. Governments that modernize their systems to connect data, content and applications can maximize existing infrastructure investments and enhance information availability, value and security.


Oil and Gas

Optimize asset maintenance and manage critical information and operations.

Companies in upstream oil and gas production, midstream transportation and downstream refining operate in a highly regulated, constantly evolving environment. Ongoing challenges, such as fluctuating oil prices, mergers and acquisitions and data silos, hamper operational excellence and profitability. Oil and Gas solutions help rein in costs, improve decision-making and uptime and achieve desired ROI.

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