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OpenText Content Suite

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A cloud-based enterprise content management system, enabling teams to access and share content easily.

The Business Challenge

Content services play a central role as organizations strive to rebound from the current global upheaval as more cohesive, more stable and more productive entities. In a crisis, such as COVID-19, organizations struggle to retain momentum amid information access, process continuity, collaboration and governance challenges.

A content services platform builds on the strengths of traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and serves as the foundation for enterprise-wide content management. Content services platforms enhance best practices in content lifecycle management, information access and governance, while expanding the management, distribution and use of information further into business processes.

The best content services platform offers flexible user interfaces to make it easy for users to work with content from whichever device or system is most efficient for their needs.


OpenText Software Solution

OpenText Content Suite oversees the lifecycle management of information across the enterprise from capture through archiving and disposition. With agile information governance to address the latest data governance and data privacy best practices, reducing risk and empowering organizations to focus on using information to drive strategic growth and productivity.

Content Suite features:

Capture technology – transforming, indexing and classifying physical records into valuable digital assets.

Smart View user interface – Features a highly-intuitive and customizable UI for easy access and interaction with content directly from office productivity applications and processes.

Connected Workspaces – Customized areas to share and access content needed for a common task/goal and offers pre-built templates for teams to manage content-centric work.

External collaboration – Integrates OpenText™ Core Share to allow secure collaboration with external parties.

OpentText Content Suite Platform Benefits:

Content Suite Platform easily integrates to lead applications, such as SAP S/4HANA®, SAP® SuccessFactors®, Salesforce®, Microsoft® Office 365®, and more via the OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform.

Increase productivity

Boost end user productivity by ensuring content is easy to find, reliable, efficiently managed, and easy to share.

Reduce storage costs and total cost of ownership

Reduce expenses through a secure, scalable repository to manage high volumes of data at different stages of the content lifecycle.

Meet corporate mandates to reduce risk

Identify, manage and store content appropriately to reduce organizations’ exposure to risk and focus on driving strategic growth and innovation.

Run anywhere with cloud technology

Choose where and how to deploy, on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments with a cloud-based enterprise content management system.

Remain connected on the go

Accelerate business process and enable users to remain connected and productive on the go with OpenText™ Content Server Mobile, a free mobile app.

Enhance corporate accountability

Promote adoption of a comprehensive enterprise information governance strategy that optimizes compliance, security and privacy.

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