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Underpins SaaS applications with robust content management capabilities, builds a comprehensive suite of multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

The Business Challenge

Information access, use and governance has always been a major challenge for organizations – that has grown exponentially with the increasingly hybrid workforce. As ECM morphed to Content Services, OpenText has been guiding customers to successfully modernize operations through deep integration of content to business process. The explosion of remote work and the evolving market have increased the demand for greater agility, speed, and flexibility from technology solutions.

The future of workplace technology is cloud but undertaking a wholesale move to cloud-based services is a daunting consideration for most organizations. SaaS is the answer, but for mature organizations, moving everything at once to the cloud is just unrealistic. Adopting a hybrid approach is a better alternative to achieving success in the cloud.


OpenText Software Solution

Core Content underpins these SaaS applications with robust content management capabilities. OpenText Core SaaS applications enable customers to quickly add new capabilities that extend and integrate with existing OpenText solutions. These applications are built to flex and scale with new user requirements and business use-cases while keeping data secure and centralized on one platform. Core Content combines content management expertise with integration into the applications that underpin business processes, including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and OpenText™ Core Case Management.

With Core Content, organizations can maximize employee productivity, accelerate processes and enhance governance through an intuitive business workspace model that ensures the right content is surfaced to the right people when they need it.

OpentText Core Content Benefits:

Purpose built for integration

Deeply integrating content management with processes managed in the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Accelerate business processes

Users can pair the comprehensive content management capabilities of Core Content with the powerful process automation of OpenText™ Core Case Management, By combining content management, case management and integration into lead applications, this solution delivers a unified approach to managing an organization’s content lifecycle in context of its formal and informal business processes.

Maximize employee productivity by aligning content to business needs

Core Content provides template-based business workspaces for team access to content.

Rapid provisioning and self-service configuration

Core Content is easy to deploy, maintain and update, requiring low-to-no IT involvement.

Free up IT resources by empowering the business to configure applications

Business administrators can quickly and easily configure and customize pre-built business workspace templates, freeing up IT resources for more strategic work.

Enhanced control and governance

Provide automated, comprehensive content lifecycle management for Core Content. This provides an entirely SaaS solution to address governance needs across all corporate records and enterprise information holdings.

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