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Access and combine content easily from a single, automated source.

The Business Challenge

Organizations of all sizes are grappling with the volume and diversity of content. Managing documents, emails, forms and process-created data, has never been more challenging. Increased regulations, additional content types and new ways of working can make the task seem overwhelming. Beyond these challenges is the opportunity to transform organizations by extracting value from information while enhancing governance.

Enterprise content management (ECM) facilitates the optimal management and flow of information across the enterprise. As a central set of practices and technologies, ECM ensures full lifecycle management, from capture through to archiving and disposition.

The best content services platforms integrate with the lead applications at the heart of business processes to bridge siloes and incorporate previously isolated content and data into information flows and introduce compliance, security, and privacy policies.


OpenText Software Solution

OpenText Documentum offers a broad set of capabilities to manage and extract value from content of all kinds across the enterprise. Its industry-leading enterprise content services allows organizations to establish control of their critical information with a single source of the truth, simplifying access to the most recent, approved business content.

Documentum case management features bind content together with process and automation to assemble complete case files with minimal effort to streamline important business processes for greater efficiency, consistent quality, and faster cycle times. Supports the entire content lifecycle with a wide range of formats, including MS Office documents, images, CAD files, rich media and more, and keeping content secure and well-protected for future use, users can quickly address information requests and respond to regulatory inquiries.

OpentText Documentum Benefits:

Trusted information

Quickly search and access the right information in context and have confidence that information is ready to meet compliance needs. Offers extensibility and interoperability.

Increased productivity

Enhances productivity with a variety of collaboration tools. Benefit from easy-to-use user experiences and streamlined business processes, while reducing cycle times with management orchestration.

Reduced risk

Reduces risk with a unified and scalable repository. Protect the organization against future legal or regulatory risks with security, records management and retention services.

Enhanced agility

Makes IT more agile with automated, fast deployment. Rapidly modify or augment to meet changing business conditions with flexible user interfaces configured to meet specific role requirements and APIs that integrate with business systems.

Available Documentum Platform Products:

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