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Capture, govern, find and securely collaborate on sensitive legal work product.

The Business Challenge

Only 38% global legal departments have adopted dedicated legal document management solutions. As a result, information and working environments are not integrated, files can’t be easily shared or collaborated on securely, data insights remain hidden in disparate systems, and efficiency is overtaken by content chaos.

For law department leaders determined to bring order (and a heightened level of security and protection) to their organization’s sensitive volumes of legal content, while addressing usability, adoption, and security, here are four critical factors to help you evaluate document management (DM) solutions.


OpenText Software Solution

OpenText™ eDOCS is a flexible, collaborative enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to support the needs of law firms, corporate legal departments and other professional services organizations. eDOCS ensures that sensitive work product is managed and secure throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations.

OpenText™ eDOCS is a light-footprint, cost-effective and highly-flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution for organizations producing high-touch, high-value work product in industries, including Legal, Corporate Legal, Public and Energy and Professional Services. eDOCS ensures sensitive work product is securely managed throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations, to enable users to deliver exceptional enterprise content services to their clients.

OpentText eDOCS Benefits:

Instant access to complete content

Employ a metadata approach and powerful search capabilities for instant access to related work product for a complete, holistic view into a client, project, matter or case.

Protected data

Device level encryption to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and valuable customer information with two levels of security protecting data, on-premises or in the cloud.

Administration ease

Get a single source for IT manageability for simplified administration, whether deployed on-premises or in a private cloud.

Improved user adoption

Gain choice and flexibility in how law firms, corporate legal departments and other organizations with high touch, high value documents work and how their users access their corporate and clients’ IP and data.

Seamless, intuitive user experience

Enable employees to work more productively, from mobile to virtual to in office. Securely access, manage and share legal content from any device and location as well as in the cloud.

Operational excellence

Perform key business activities and reduce costs, without sacrificing superior client service. Fuel digital processes with digital information for significant operational efficiencies to compete in the digital age.

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