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OpenText File Intelligence

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The only file management solution that provides greater insight with rich reporting capabilities, enabling users to understand, and that deliver actionable intelligence on critical content.

The Business Challenge

According to joint research from IDC & EMC, information and IT staff is set to increase 45-fold and 1.4-fold respectively, in the next decade. End users create more files-word processing documents, spreadsheets, & presentations, that are prone to be duplicated and stored in multiple location i.e., network file share, desktops, or unmanaged repositories. Increasing legal and regulatory risk, as much of the content resides outside systems and reliant on individual enforcement of governance policies and procedures.

As a result, many organizations can’t identify:

  • What file content exists
  • crucial information contained in their documents, including sensitive and regulated information e.g. PII and PCI
  • How much of it exists and how much is duplicate content
  • Who created it and when
  • locating high-value records and high-risk content
  • What content has no ongoing value and can be deleted.

OpenText Software Solution

OpenText File intelligence provides greater insight into the value and risk of file-based content by enabling organisations to proactively identify, assess, classify, manage valuable content, and offer full text information on unmanaged file content. Reducing operational costs and risks by actively managing retention, disposition and remediation of records and files, and effectively adhering to governance policies and procedures, as well as reduce risk and associated exposure of compliance and regulatory audits.
File intelligence is the only file management solution that provides deep level, rich reporting capabilities that enable users to understand, and that deliver actionable intelligence on critical content. Searches remain relevant to content based on key data requirement and implementing saved searches to easily return to desired search sets.

OpenText File Intelligence Benefits:

With File Intelligence, organizations can address a wide range of activities including:

Identification of high value and high-risk content

Identify valuable business records and high-risk content and move into a secure repository for ongoing policy management and retention

Defensible deletion

Identify duplicate content and information with no ongoing business value and delete to reduce storage requirements and improve operational efficiency

Repository Connectors

Access content within Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, Documentum. Veritas Enterprise Vault, file shares, laptops, desktops, and IBM® Notes®

PII and sensitive data identification

Identify content with sensitive data that is out of compliance and needs to be moved to a more secure location.

Automate compliance

Automate compliance with content and metadata-based rules to archive, move, copy and secure content according to a strong compliance policy

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