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High-speed scanning solutions to digitise all paper, microfiche and microfilm documents.

The Business Challenge

Organisations have been creating records and information for as long as it has been operating, meaning a large amount of paper documents are inefficiently managed throughout the organisation. The ineffective management leads to document loss, filing and storage cost and overload.


OpenText Solution

Using high-speed scanners for paper, microfiche, and microfilm scanning to enable organisations to convert their current paper and microfiche/film repositories into live, electronic archives unlocking the value contained in the history of an organisation. A back-file conversion service is also provided to do the digitisation on their behalf.

Using the same hardware and software, our digitisation solutions enable clients to scan their incoming, day-to-day correspondence, invoices, POD’s, claims, and faxes and to manage them electronically via workflow. Our unique product and industry knowledge, combined with the practical experience of hands-on implementations, enable us to develop business focused applications.

OpenText Documentum and Captiva application enable clients to configure the applications for their specific environments and to start working with the new ECM system far sooner due to much shorter implementation phases.

Benefits of our Scanning Solution


Being paper reliant is expensive and unreliable, scanning cuts down on paper reliance and increases managed digitalization of files.


Enhances security measures and access control on company files.


Improves disaster recovery plans by creating backup in case of any hazards.


Saves time when searching and accessing documents, and money on storage and handling paper by a simplified workflow.

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